EazyDiner Credit Cards Detailed Review – 2024

By | April 5, 2024
76. Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

Following the success of the Indusind EazyDiner credit card, the bank has now launched a new entry-level variant, the Indusind EazyDiner Platinum credit card. Here is my detailed review of these 2 cards where I compare and contrast the 2 cards and share my thoughts.

EazyDiner Credit Card Review

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

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A quick comparison of the 2 Indusind EazyDiner credit cards is in the table below.

EazyDiner Credit Cards Snapshot

Benefits of IndusInd EazyDiner credit cards

Indusind EazyDiner credit cards are best suited for people who frequent restaurants for dinner or social events. Few benefits on these credit cards truly stand out.

Extra discounts on the EazyDiner app

While nearly every credit/debit card in India seems to be running an offer with EazyDiner, most of them have some caps in terms of the number of times the offer can be used or the minimum bill amount required for the offer to apply. E.g., Axis premium credit cards such as Magnus, Reserve, etc offer 40% off up to 1000, but the offer is available only once a month and on a minimum bill of 2500. However, the premium Indusind EazyDiner card offers unlimited 25% up to 1000 on every restaurant booking through the EazyDiner app without any limits. Further, it also gives you a Prime membership, which gives even more discounts. The only catch is this offer is not applicable if consecutive transactions are made at the same restaurant within a gap of 120 minutes or less. That is banks are getting smart and learning how people game the system .:)

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However, the IndusInd Eazydiner Platinum credit, since it’s a lifetime free credit card, offers a reduced benefit of 20% off up to 500 with a cap of 3 times a month. This is not very exciting.

EazyDiner Prime membership

The annual EazyDiner Prime membership retails at INR2,395. With the premium Indusind EazyDiner credit card you get the annual Prime membership free of cost on payment of the annual fee of 1999+taxes i.e. 2360. In a way, you are paying for the Prime membership this way or the other. This is a downer in some ways. IndusInd Bank should at least offer some bonus reward points, say 10k or at least 5k, along with EazyDiner Prime membership on payment of the annual fee.

On the other hand, the Indusind EazyDiner Platinum credit card (LTF version) offers a 3-month Prime membership for free. Further, if you spend 30k every 3 months your Prime membership gets renewed for another 3 months at no cost. However, the catch is that the 30k spending criteria excludes all dining spending. Thus you need to use the Indusind EazyDiner Platinum credit card very often to be eligible for free Prime membership.

Complimentary drink for every diner at select restaurants

This is one of the big USPs of the premium Indusind EazyDiner credit card, in my view. The reason is when you go out for food, you tend to order something to drink for sure and they (hard or soft) tend to be quite expensive, normally 250+ (for a soft drink) and even more for a hard drink. Therefore, in a group of 4, you have straight away saved close to 1000 on the bill. Though the offer says complimentary alcoholic drinks, I am sure the restaurant will be more than happy to serve you a non-alcoholic drink in case you request.

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Reward points can be redeemed against the food bill

Another good thing with the IndusInd EazyDiner credit cards is that the reward points on the card can be used against the food bill seamlessly through the app itself. This is over and above the app and card offers. E.g. you have 1000 reward points on your Indusind EazyDiner credit card, which is equal to INR200. You can redeem these 1000 reward points when paying the final bill through the EazyDiner app.

Not so-great things with Indusind Eazydiner credit cards

Taking the card only for EazyDiner membership doesn’t make sense

Thinking of taking these credit cards just for the Prime membership? Don’t. As mentioned above the annual Prime membership retails at 2,395, which is equal to the card’s annual fees.

Further, one may argue that the IndusInd EazyDiner Platinum credit card offers 3 months of Prime membership, renewed every 90 days on spending 30k can be a good choice. Again the answer is no. The reason being, that to get the free membership you need to spend 30k in 3 months on categories other than dining. Assuming, you get ~1.45% (0.14% base reward rate plus 2000 RP on 30k spend milestone=1.33%). However there are many cashback cards that I have discussed such as Amex MRCC(Apply Now), SBI Cashback(Apply Now), Tata Neu Infinity(Apply Now), HDFC Swiggy (Apply Now) etc, offer a much better reward rate (upwards of 5%) on those spends. Thus, if you calculate the lost value it will be equal to or higher than the 3-month Prime membership fee.

The reward rate on the cards is mediocre

While the premium Indusind EazyDiner credit card offers a 2% reward rate on shopping, dining, and entertainment spending, all other categories give only a 1% reward rate. Thus the overall proposition of the card from a reward rate point of view is very weak.

The reward rate on the Indusind EazyDiner Platinum credit card is even lower. Just 0.4% on most categories and a paltry 0.14% on insurance, rent, utility, and government spending. The only saving grace is that if you spend 30k every 90 days you get 2000 reward points (valued at INR 400) a 1.33% reward rate. Thus you end up with a 1.7% or 1.45% reward rate depending on the spend category. Still very low, where there are credit cards such as Amex MRCC(Apply Now), SBI Cashback(Apply Now), Tata Neu Infinity(Apply Now), HDFC Swiggy(Apply Now) etc that can give upwards of 5% on nearly all spend.

No annual fee waiver

While the Indusind EazyDiner Platinum credit card is LTF, there is no annual fee waiver condition for the premium version of the Indusind EazyDiner credit card. I believe it’s a downer, given that apart from the annual membership one gets nothing else. The bank should think of offering an annual fee waiver say against 5lk of annual spending.

A few key things to keep in mind

RPs have only 12-month validity: The reward points on the Indusind EazyDiner credit cards have only 12-month validity. So keep your points on earn and burn mode.

Reward Points will be earned only for spends up to the assigned credit limit in every statement cycle

For the IndusInd EazyDiner Platinum credit card, the bonus of 2000 RPs against 30k spent has no exclusion except for the dining category. Thus you can earn around 1.45% on utility, rent, insurance, and government spending too.


Among the 2 Indusind EazyDiner credit cards, if you have to take one, go for the premium Indusind EazyDiner credit card. That too, only if you end up visiting restaurants that are on the EazyDiner platform more than twice a month regularly. For frequent diners, the benefit of Prime membership, additional card offers plus free drinks at select restaurants is unbeatable. As highlighted earlier, the drinks offer alone can save upwards of 1000 on your restaurant bill every visit. However, if you dine out only occasionally then don’t opt for any IndusInd EazyDiner credit cards. The reason I say this is because nearly every card issuer has one or the other offer running on the EazyDiner app. Case in point, Kotak Bank’s Rupay debit card has an offer of 30% off up to 1000 on no minimum bill value, valid 4 times a month. There are many more bank offers available here. Thus your existing credit cards could very well give a decent discount on the EazyDiner app.

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