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Amex Platinum Charge Card Detailed Review 2024 – Should you apply?

By | June 16, 2024

The Amex Platinum Charge card is the original metal card with a hefty annual fee of 70,800 including taxes. The most common question about the Amex Platinum Charge card is whether it’s worth it. Here is my attempt to help you decide.  I am approaching this by evaluating the stand-out features of this credit card and the reward… Read More »

Amex Platinum Reserve Credit Card Detailed Review – 2024

By | June 16, 2024

American Express Platinum Reserve or the Amex Platinum Reserve is a premium credit card that is positioned to slot between the most premium Amex Platinum Charge card and the Amex Platinum Travel credit card. The Amex Platinum Reserve credit card was originally conceived as a budget variant of the Platinum Charge card with a lower fee but giving… Read More »

Best credit cards for insurance premiums in India – 2024

By | April 14, 2024

Insurance premiums are generally large payments that most of us have to make every year. Further, these insurance premiums tend to run into lakhs depending on the family size. Personally, for me, the annual insurance premiums are in five digits every year. Thus, it makes sense that I use credit cards for insurance premiums. However, here is the… Read More »

Best Fuel Credit Cards in India for 2024

By | May 28, 2024

Fuel expenses are one of the most inelastic spends of our monthly budget. Thus makes sense to figure out ways to reduce this expense. This is where the best fuel credit cards come into the picture. With the correct fuel credit card, you can save as much as 7% on the fuel spends. Here are the best fuel… Read More »

Amex Credit Cards 2024 – What is Amex Trifecta? How to value MRs and maximise reward rate?

By | June 16, 2024

Amex credit cards are among the most versatile credit cards in India. I have been using Amex credit cards for almost a decade now. It started with Amex MRCC and later on, I took the Amex Plat Travel credit card. Very recently, I also took the Amex Gold Charge card. The reward rate for me on my Amex… Read More »

Best Cashback Credit Cards in India – 2024

By | February 21, 2024

Cashback credit cards are among the most popular types of credit cards the world over. After all, who wouldn’t like getting a discount on everything one buys, from the essentials to those guilty pleasures? Thus, I have listed down the 17 best cashback credit cards that you can lay your hands on this year. Best Cashback Credit Cards… Read More »

Amex Gold Card Detailed Review – 2024

By | June 16, 2024

American Express Gold card or the Amex Gold card is an entry-level charge card from American Express. The Amex Gold card comes with no predefined credit limit, accelerated reward benefits and the famed Amex customer support. Sounds interesting! However, should you apply for this card? Read to decide for yourself. American Express/Amex  Gold Card Apply Amex Gold Card… Read More »

Trip to Mauritius 2023 – My best redemption so far

By | January 4, 2024

I have been writing about earning reward points on credit cards for over 3 years now and have been in the credit card reward games for nearly a decade now. However, one important aspect of earning reward points is to redeem them for travel, vouchers or cashback. My recent trip to Mauritius was my biggest redemption to date.… Read More »

Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India for 2023

By | April 29, 2023

Lifetime free credit cards are the most popular credit cards in India. And why not? They give free credit periods, reward points, discounts, and lounge access against hardly any commitment from our side. Thus, every credit card issuer has a big range of lifetime credit cards on offer. Below are a few LTF credit cards that I think… Read More »

Amex Platinum Travel (India) – Detailed Review – 2024

By | January 18, 2024

Amex Platinum Travel credit card is one of the best travel credit cards in India. It gives ~7% reward rate post annual fees, which is probably unparalleled in the industry. Below is a detailed review of this credit card. Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card   Apply Amex Platinum Travel Now! Fees: The first-year fee of 3500+GST (i.e. 4130).… Read More »