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HDFC Tata Neu Credit Card Detailed Review – 2024

HDFC Tata Neu

HDFC Bank and Tata have recently launched co-branded credit cards HDFC Tata Neu credit cards. HDFC Tata Neu credit card comes in 2 variants “Plus” & “Infinity” and is available on the Visa & the Rupay platform

With the launch of these co-branded cards, HDFC Bank now allows you to own 2 HDFC Bank credit cards at the same. That is you can very well own an HDFC Regalia along with a Tata Neu card or say HDFC Infinia along with this card. Just that credit limit is shared between the cards. This is a big thing from HDFC Bank and I believe many customers of HDFC Bank wanted this for a very long time. Better late than never. 😃

Should you apply for any of these credit cards? How do these cards compare with other credit cards? Read on to find out.

HDFC Tata Neu Credit Cards

HDFC Tata Neu Infinity Credit Card

HDFC Tata Neu Credit Card

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Fees and Eligibility

  • Joining/Annual fee of 1499+ taxes. Waived off on annual spending of 300,000.
  • Monthly salary requirement – 100,000 per month. Self-Employed – ITR of 12lk/annum

Reward and Benefits

  • Base Reward Rate: 1.5% in form of Neu Coins on all spends except fuel, wallet load, and smart EMI.
  • Accelerated Reward Rate: 5% in form of Neu coins on Tata Neu and partner Tata brands.
  • No rewards on rent, government spending, prepaid card, gift card or voucher purchase.
  • Grocery transactions capped at 2,000 Neu coins per month
  • Neu points have a validity of 1 year.
  • Lounge Access:
    • Domestic: 8 domestic lounge access. Max 2/ quarter.
    • International: 4 per year. Max 1/quarter.

HDFC Tata Neu Plus Credit Card


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Fees and Eligibility

  • Joining/Annual fee of 499+ taxes. Waived off on annual spending of 100,000.
  • Monthly salary requirement – 25k per month. Self-employed: ITR of 6lk/annum

Reward and Benefits

  • Base Reward Rate: 1% in form of Neu Coins on all spends except fuel, wallet load, and smart EMI.
  • Accelerated Reward Rate: 1% in form of Neu coins on Tata Neu and partner Tata brands.
  • No rewards on rent, government spending, prepaid card, gift card or voucher purchase.
  • Grocery transactions capped at 2,000 Neu coins per month
  • Neu points have a validity of 1 year.
  • Lounge Access:
    • Domestic: 4 domestic lounge access. Max 1/ quarter.
    • International: None.

Thoughts on HDFC Tata Neu Credit Cards


Double dip on Tata Neu app: HDFC Tata Neu credit cards allow double dip on the Tata Neu app. The Tata Neu app offers 5% cashback in form of Neu coins on nearly all purchases done thru the app. Thus you can earn a 7% (5% app feature + 2% card feature) on the HDFC Tata Neu Plus credit card and a whopping 10% (5% app feature + 5% card feature) on the HDFC Tata Neu Infinity credit card. These will be over and above the offers running on brands in Tata Neu. Thus, if you happen to use the Tata Neu app very frequently then these credit cards are a no-brainer.

One big positive I see is using BigBasket from the Tata Neu app, you get a straight 10% off (5% app feature + 5% card feature) on Tata Neu Infinity credit card in addition to the offers running on BigBasket. Thus overall anywhere around 10-15% cashback.😍😍

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5% on utility bill payment: The accelerated rewards i.e. 2% on Plus card and 5% on Infinity card are also applicable on payments done thru Tata Pay. Thus, if you pay your utility bills using HDFC Tata Neu credit cards on the Tata Neu app, you will get 2-5% off.

This feature beats the popular SBI Cashback card (Apply Now), as the SBI Cashback card only now offers no cashback on utility payments.

Rupay variant: HDFC Tata Neu credit cards are also available on the Rupay platform. The good thing is that the reward rate and features of this card are the same for Visa and Rupay variants. In addition, don’t forget that Rupay credit cards now work on UPI too. Thus you can scan nearly any UPI code and pay using your credit card. Rewards on UPI spends are capped at 500 Neu coins every month.

You can now have 2 cards from HDFC Bank: HDFC Bank for a very long time followed the 1-customer-1-credit-card policy. However, with the launch of this credit card, the bank now allows you to have 2 HDFC credit cards. Thus you need not close your existing HDFC card, in case you want to apply for this one.

Point Calculations are in the customer’s favour: Reward point calculations are straightforward and favour the cardholder.For e.g., say you spend 250 on a partner Tata brand using the Infinity credit card. This spend will be eligible for a 5% reward rate. However, you will get 5%*250 = 12.5 reward points, rounded to 13 points. Effectively 5.2% reward rate.🤩


Popular Tata brands missing: HDFC Tata Neu credit card has a list of decent partner Tata brands. Such as 1Mg, BigBasket, Croma, Air Asia, Tata Cliq, IHCL, Westside, Qmin, Tata Play and Cult. From 1st Jan 2023, Titan and Tanishq are eligible for additional Neu coins. However, what is surprising is that many other popular Tata brands are missing. These include Air India, Vistara (~20% aviation market share in India). What it means is that spending on these excluded brands will only fetch base reward points on these credit cards. Let’s hope that these brands will be included in future. However, as of now, we all have to live with this disappointment.

Neu coins are valid only for 1 year: Tata Neu coins are only valid for 1 year and can be used only in the Tata Neu app or paying thru the Neu app. Thus, you need to be in a constant earn-and-burn mode. You really can’t hoard them for a couple of years and then redeem them in one go.😒

Fair usage policy: While is not a negative per se and in fact a good thing. As this improves the product’s longevity and prevents product features from abuse. Nevertheless, this is something the users have to keep in mind when using their credit cards. There are monthly and annual spending caps on all partner Tata brands for both Plus and Infinity credit cards (Plus: link; Infinity: link).

Comparison with SBI Cashback credit card

It’s quite logical that HDFC Tata Neu credit cards get compared to the popular SBI Cashback credit card(Apply Now). Below is the dynamic calculator to do just that.

The HDFC Tata Neu Infinity credit card is ahead of the SBI Cashback credit card on sample spends. Especially after the devaluation on SBI Cashback credit card, outside of online payments, SBI Cashback card is not at all exciting.

You can input your monthly spending in the calculator to check which card gives you the highest reward rate.


Tata HDFC Neu credit cards are no brainer for someone who does regular spending in the Tata ecosystem. For eg: BigBasket, 1mg, Croma, Cliq, Westside etc. However, even if you are not one of those, I say that you should still apply for the Tata Neu credit cards. Simply get the Rupay variant and shift your UPI transactions to the credit card. In addition, don’t forget the 5% NeuCoins on utility bill payments.

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Do let me know thoughts and experience about HDFC Tata Neu credit cards? Have you applied for it? Are you getting accelerated rewards on bill payment with this card?

In the interest of full disclosure, Credit Cardz may earn a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the links in this post. However, opinions and views expressed here are of the author's alone and not those of the bank, credit card issuer, or anyone else and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.


  1. Saurabh

    Excellent analysis and calculator, effort is appreciated


    Another amazing review with dynamic calculator. This dynamic calculator thing is going to help many readers. This is called genuine credit card review 😎…

  3. Siddharth Mehta

    Your article needs a correction. HDFC never had one card per person policy. I’ve been holding regalia and diners black for last 5 years now .

    Thanks for the information on these cards though .

  4. k.pasupathy

    I’m interested

  5. Deepak Kumar

    Aya ni ji Mera cardit card

  6. Amrish

    Do you get the rupay select benefits like health check etc. with infinity on rupay platform. I read somewhere that you don’t.

  7. Deepak Kumar

    Aya ni ji

  8. S

    On reward point calculation, they don’t round down they just round it. So, for 3.75 I got 4 and for 8.75, I got 9 – a total of 13 making it in fact 5.2% (assuming a base of 250)

    • Comment by post author


      Wow thats great. The example they gave in the documents, have rounded down. But maybe since the points accrued were <0.5.
      Can you please confirm with few more transactions that its just rounding-off. Will update the post accordingly.

      • S

        Yes, it’s confirmed. Have tried quite a few transactions. Basically, you get 1.5% rounded (meaning 0.01 to 0.49 go to 0 and 0.50 to 0.99 go to 1) on all the eligible transactions. The values of all Tata transactions among these transactions are added up and 3.5% extra is given on the total value of these Tata transactions. This 3.5% is also rounded (meaning 0.01 to 0.49 go to 0 and 0.50 to 0.99 go to 1). Feel free to make amends to the article basis this.

        Also, if you have the card, feel free to independently test and validate it.

        • Naveen Johnson

          Hi, how’s your overall experience? Is it better than hdfc freedom card.

        • Charan S

          Thanks ‘S’ for the detailed explanation. I have been using the Infinity variant for couple of months now and can vouch for your NeuCoins calculation logic mentioned here.
          Kudos to CreditCardz for the rewards calculator and overall analysis.

    • NPS

      Yup. It is just rounding it to the closest integer. For 5.7 rewards, I got 6 NeuCoins. So effectively, getting more than 5% on my Infinity Card for many transactions. 🙂

  9. Amit Kumar

    Hi, I am also getting the rounding of the neu coins.

  10. Amit

    Do you guys get both 1.5% and 3.5% reward points together or they are credited on different dates. I was told by support that additional 3.5% points will be credited within 30 days

  11. Akash singh

    Do we get 5% for utility bill payment? Did anyone try?

  12. Joyce

    “HDFC Bank’s Rupay credit cards will be on-boarded soon on the UPI platform” — Harsh, about this point. Though HDFC bank is listed under the list of RuPay credit card providers, we’re not able to add it to the BHIM app on iOS. Not sure about the Android. Also, thought technically this card is applicable for the RuPay Select benefits, we cannot chose or find or add it under the RuPay select signup. HDFC doesnt show up there. Some good benefits being missed out there for this card.

  13. NARESH

    Unfortunately my tata neu card application was rejected even though I got sms from them on being eligible for LTF card. I have mailed them. No response. However when I called them, the person told you may not be eligible even though you got sms.
    Sounds weird to me.
    Any thoughts on how to go about it?

  14. Jineesh Jose


  15. Chandrakant

    WIll i get 5% cashback on Insurence Payments on tata neu infinity? Have anyone tried?

  16. 1000point for rent payments?

  17. Thanks for the detailed explanation

  18. Varun

    Can you explain about the applicability of renewal fee for preferred HDFC customer

    • Comment by post author


      Fee is applicable depending on what is communicated you on application.
      Could be First year free or lifetime free also

      Dont think its depending on whether you are Preferred, classic or imperia customer

  19. One correction: Validity of Neu points is 365 days after any transaction that earns or spends even 1 Neu point. So, one can very much accumulate as long as one wants. This is what feature page says: “Your NeuCoins expire 365 days after your last transaction involving an eligible earn or use of NeuCoins (even if it’s just one NeuCoin earned or used).” Source:

  20. Debosmit Majumder

    Been a year of using this card, and I have managed to get only 1764 INR benefit after using it to its max extent for UPI and Tata Ecosystem.

    Will it be wise renewing it for 1499 + GST? I do have other cards for lounge access.

    • Comment by post author


      1764 benefit seems too low. But we also need to understand the spends done for this reward rate. Also, if most of your UPI spends are below 35 rupee, then you lose out on reward rate.
      If you are okay, do mail me sharing your spending pattern across all cards and the kind of rewards you like. We can then work to find the most optimum credit cards that suit your needs.

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