Is the Axis Airtel Credit Card Worth It in 2024? Detailed Review Here

By | June 17, 2024
Axis Airtel Credit Card

Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card is a co-brand credit card between Axis Bank and Airtel. I believe this is a telecom company’s first co-brand credit card in India. The USP of the Airtel credit card is that offers 25% cashback on Airtel bill payments and 10% cashback on utility bill payments.

Further, the Axis Airtel credit card is now available to apply directly from the Axis Bank website too. Earlier it was only available on the Airtel app. The cashback percentage of 25% and 10% seems exciting right?  However, does this card deserve a place in your wallet? Read to find out.

Axis Airtel Credit Card

Axis Airtel Credit Card

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  • Joining and Annual fees of 500. Waived off on annual spending of 200000.
  • Wallet loads and rental spends don’t count towards the annual spending milestone.

Reward and Benefits:

  • Joining Benefits: INR 500 Amazon eVoucher on the first transaction done within the first 30 days.
  • Recurring Benefits: None
  • Reward Points:
    • Standard reward rate: 1% cashback on all spends.Fuel, EMI, wallet load, jewellery and rent payment, tax payments, insurance premiums and fee payments are excluded. Further, utility payments done outside the Airtel app are also excluded.
    • Accelerated reward rate:
      • 25% cashback on Airtel mobile, broadband, wifi, and DTH bill payments via the Airtel Thanks app. Cashback is capped at 250 per month.
      • 10% cashback on utility bill payments via the Airtel Thanks app. Cashback is capped at 250 per month.
      • 10% cashback on spends on preferred merchants (Swiggy, Zomato and BigBasket). Capped at 500 per month.

Lounge access: 4 domestic lounge access in a year on spending 50k in the previous 3 months.

Thoughts on the Axis Airtel Credit Card


Cashback limits are quite decent

The USP of Airtel credit card is the 25% cashback on Airtel payments. The cashback limit of 250 per month is just enough for personal use. I believe the implied cap of 1000 per month, is good enough for 2 postpaid connections or 1 postpaid and 1 broadband connection.

Further, if you use the Axis Airtel credit card to pay your utility bill through the Airtel app, you get an additional 10% cashback (capped at 250 every month). Now, this puts the total utility bill at 2500 to get maximum benefit. I believe this capping is insufficient as the electricity and gas combined bill will be more than 2500 for many. However, since you are reading a review of a cashback card, you can also explore the Tata Neu Infinity credit card for 5% cashback on utility payments. Thus, you can optimize by paying one bill through the Axis Airtel credit card and other utility bills using the Axis Ace card or the Tata Neu Infinity credit card.

One thing I noticed in the Airtel app is that you can make insurance payments also. I have a hunch that your insurance payment will also give 10% cashback of up to 250. In case someone has tried this, please share your experience.

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Preferred merchant cashback on BigBasket thru the Tata Neu app – a cool 15% cashback

In addition to the cashback on Airtel and utilities bill payments, the Axis Airtel credit card also offers 10% cashback up to 500 a month on Swiggy, Zomato and BigBasket. This feature can be used to buy groceries and other household items at a 10% discount. If one uses the Tata Neu (Apply Now) app and orders stuff on Bigbasket using this card, one will get 10% cash back on the card and 5% Neu coins (equivalent to 5% cashback) in the Tata Neu app. A cool 15% discount. 😀

However, there are some nuances with the preferred partners as shown in the snapshot below.

Axis Airtel Credit Card TnC

Not all orders on BigBasket, Swiggy and Zomato are eligible for 10% cashback on the Axis Airtel credit card. This is where the HDFC Swiggy credit card(Apply Now) shines. You get 10% off on nearly all orders on Swiggy.

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Direct credit to the statement, no redemption fees

Another good thing about the Airtel credit card is that the cashback gets credited directly to your card statement. Thus, effectively reducing your card bill in the next cycle.

Lounge access

The Axis Airtel credit card offers 4 domestic lounge access in a year. The access is only on the primary card. However, the downside is that lounge access on this card is now restricted to lounges in the 6 major cities only I.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Further, you need to spend 50k in the previous 3 months for free lounge visits.


Refunds not counted towards repayment

This is a minor nuisance. Any payment not made by the cardholder such as refund, cashback, charge reversal etc will not be considered as a payment towards the outstanding of the card. However, such credits will be considered to compute the subsequent month’s dues.

Not many negatives as such. A 1% reward rate is slightly on the lower side.

The Axis Airtel credit card as such doesn’t have too many negatives. However, I believe that the base reward rate of 1% is on the lower side. A cashback of 1.5% would have been more appropriate and that would have made this card a blockbuster card.

Comparison of the Axis Airtel credit card with other popular credit cards

Below is my dynamic Excel sheet to compare the reward rate of the Axis Airtel credit card  with a few popular credit cards in the segment. I have compared the Axis Airtel credit card with the HDFC Swiggy (Apply Now), Tata Neu Infinity(Apply now) , SBI Cashback(Apply Now) and the Amex MRCC(Apply Now) credit cards.

To my surprise, the Axis Airtel credit card gives a better reward rate than most other credit cards in many scenarios. The reason is the 25% cashback on Airtel and the 10% cashback on utilities and preferred merchants.

If you don’t own a vehicle you need the Axis Airtel credit card, combined with HDFC Swiggy, SBI Cashback and Tata Neu Infinity depending on your spending pattern. Drop that Amex MRCC. And you can easily earn more than 5% cash back on most spends.

A broad way to do this is to pay your utilities and Airtel bill using the Axis Airtel credit card. Once you hit the limits switch to Tata Neu Infinity for 5% on utilities. For groceries, use Bigbasket/Zomato/Swiggy and pay by Airtel card, HDFC Swiggy and Tata Neu Infinity. For all other online spending use the SBI Cashback card.


The Axis Airtel credit card is a solid credit card for someone who prefers a no-nonsense cashback card and has some exposure towards Airtel. Even if you don’t have Airtel services, 10% cashback on utility bill payments and up to 15% cashback on BigBasket purchases are a steal. Probably, the only disappointment to some extent is the 1% cashback. 

One should seriously consider the Axis Airtel credit card in conjunction with Axis Ace, SBI Cashback, Amex MRCC and Tata Neu Infinity credit cards to get upwards of 5% cash back on nearly every spend.

Apply Airtel Credit Card Now

Let me know what are your thoughts on the Axis Airtel credit card? Are you using it? How has been your experience so far? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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The article was last updated/published on 17th June 2024.


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8 thoughts on “Is the Axis Airtel Credit Card Worth It in 2024? Detailed Review Here

  1. Sachin B Shetty

    I have made Insurance premium payment. It’s considered under utility payment which has capping of max 300 cashback. It is not considered under 1% cashback

    1. Pravin P

      Whenever I try applying for this card, it says no offer available. But I get SMS and WhatsApp messages that this card is approved. Did you guys face this issue?

      1. Milan P

        Yes. I have been getting the same SMS and WhatsApp messages, but on the app itself it shows that there is no card offer for me.
        I already have 2 Axis cards (Flipkart and Privilege) can I get another card?

        1. Bhanu

          I have 2 Airtel numbers, with 1 number I got the same issue. When I applied with other number, I have got an option to apply for this card.

  2. Lakshman

    Just want to know if this card is exclusive to Airtel users or is it open to everyone? I currently use Jio prepaid and was planning to apply for this Airtel Axis credit card.

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      Open to everyone. But if you are Airtel subscriber, chances are that it’s pre-approved for you in your airtel app


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