Zomato Edition Credit Card Review

By | January 16, 2023
Zomato Edition Credit Card

RBL and Zomato had launched Edition Classic credit cards in 2020, but it’s only now that they are marketing these credit cards aggressively. In fact, the Zomato app has a separate tab for the Edition credit card. How good is the Zomato Edition credit card? Should you apply for it? Read to find out.

Starting September 2022, the Zomato Edition credit card is massively devalued. This article now reflects the new reward rate.

Zomato Edition Credit Card

Edition Credit Card

Fees and Eligibility

  • Joining and annual fee of 500 + GST.
  • Currently offered as LTF on the Zomato app.

Rewards and Benefits:

  • Joining Benefits:
    • 500 Zomato edition cash on the paid variant.
  • Recurring Benefit:
    • 2000 Edition cash on annual spends of 2lk in a year (1% reward rate)
  • Reward Points:
    • 5% cashback on all spending thru the Zomato/Blinkit app, with a cap of 500 per day. i.e Spends up to 10000
    • 5% cashback on all spending at any restaurant. [Feature withdrawn]
    • 1.5% cashback on all websites and apps. [Feature withdrawn]
    • 1% cashback on physical stores including fuel[Feature withdrawn]
    • 10% cashback on all spends on your birthday [Feature withdrawn]
    • 1% cash back on all other spendings. Fuel, wallet load and rent payments are excluded.

Applying for the Zomato Edition credit card

The application process is quite smooth. It’s a complete online/digital process. I applied thru the app itself, entered my basic details and the card was approved almost instantly. The next day, thru video KYC the bank collected photos of documents and received the physical card in the next 3-5 days. However, one strange thing is unless you have the physical card with you, you cannot enable the card in the Zomato app.

That being said, how to be eligible for the card remains a mystery. I don’t know any sure-shot way of getting this credit card. Some pointers may be, I use Zomato only a few times in a month around 2-4 times and always pay thru a credit card. Don’t remember, if I have ever paid by cash for any order.

Comparing the Zomato Edition credit card with Axis Ace

I decided to compare the Zomato Edition credit card with Axis Ace for a simple reason. Axis Ace offers 4% cashback on Zomato and Swiggy purchases.

In the earlier avatar, the Zomato Edition credit card was used to give a 5% reward rate against 2.6% in Axis Ace. However, given that the birthday spend benefit (10% cashback) is now gone and the base reward ratio is reduced to 1% from 1.5%; the overall reward rate on the Zomato card is now at just 2.2% against 2.6% with Axis Ace.

The key highlight of the Zomato Edition credit card was 10% cashback on all spending done on your birthday. As a result most people took the card just to leverage this feature as there were no exclusions. Maybe the bank also realised this and withdrew this feature.

Further, the Zomato Edition credit card used to give a 5% cashback on all dining places. This feature is also gone and all you get is flat 1% cashback.

Redemption process

Post the transaction you get to see the cashback against each transaction and also the total cashback. With a few simple clicks, you can redeem the cashback against future orders. The good thing as of now is that one can redeem the cashback on any order along with other banks’/cards’ offers too. Not sure if this feature will be available for long.

No signs of Zomato Edition Black credit card

When the Zomato Edition credit cards were launched in 2020, two credit cards were launched. Zomato Edition Classic credit card – the one that is issued to everyone as of now. Another card was a Zomato Edition credit card with a black colour design on it (discussed here). The highlight of that card is a cool 10% cashback on all Zomato orders. Not sure, what is Zomato is thinking here. Maybe they are redesigning the product features, as the 10% cashback on birthday offer was not there when the cards were launched in 2020. With the changes in the reward structure, not sure if the wait for the Zomato Edition Black is any worth it.


Zomato Edition credit was anyways a very basic credit card and now with the devaluation, there is only one word for it. RIP.
In case you have the card and your birthday comes before 20th September 2022 you will still get the benefit of 10% birthday cashback. Make hay while the sun shines. 😈
With the devaluation, I don’t see any reason to apply for this credit card. 5% cash back on the Zomato app is something that nearly every other credit card gives. So nothing out of the ordinary that this card offers.
I hold this card currently and haven’t used it in a while. Seems like it will now remain unused forever. I might as well close the card and get rid of the deadweight in my credit card portfolio.

What are your thoughts on the recent devaluation? You think its the worth the wait for Zomato Black Edition card? Do share in the comments section below

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13 thoughts on “Zomato Edition Credit Card Review

    1. Vaibhav Singhvi

      Ohhh.. i was thinking to apply but i have applied for axis myzone received 1 week back n have applied for bob too was of LTF, thank for posting a review i won’t apply cause it will 8th card ..may be in the near future

  1. Hiren

    Hi, Can You write in details about limits of Use while having more then 01 Axis Credit cards.thanks

  2. Tarush Jain (@22tarush)

    Its a good card only if u get it as LTF Card and regularly order through Zomato, most of the times you get better offers on other cards but sometimes its useful mainly when u pay in restaurants via Zomato Pro/Plus and on your Birthdays.

  3. Churag

    I rec’d this card as life time free and comes with complementary lifetime Zomato pro membership valued at ₹1200 pa.
    Also, customer service is done by Zomato and is very poor.
    At times they wrongly detect the restaurant spend to be regular spend and credit only 1 pc cashback and customer care is useless when we followup.
    So that’s a big issue.

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      This is something due to new rules from RBI where cobrand partner is not allowed to have access to transaction level data.
      Either which way, the attraction of this card is now greatly reduced as 10% bday benefit is gone. Moreover, 5% cashback on restaurant spends is also gone. So the accelerated benefit only remains on zomato purchases.

      1. Harsh

        In zomato app it still shows bday benefit. R u sure bday benefit is gone?

        1. CreditCardz Post author

          Yes. The customer care has confirmed on Twitter post the recent changes to its reward system

  4. Raj

    The card has a major devaluation now. They have removed most of the benefits –
    There is no 5% cashback at dining at any Outlet. The only cashback we have is 5% on paying through the zomato app. That is pretty much it.
    All other transactions are now capped at 1%
    Not sure if the 10% birthday cashback benefits will continue or not as well.

    Essentially its a “dining” focused card that hardly has any dining benefits

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      Bday benefit is also gone.
      As you said most of the features have been pulled back. So only the design of the cards remains attractive and nothing else

  5. playful27

    The 5% cashback you got while swiping in restaurants was a key feature why I used this card. Today after seeing 1% I stumbled on this article to check why I got only 1%.

    As you mentioned, RIP for this card. The Amazon Pay credit card will be back to being my number 1 credit card. Sad to say this card is useless now.

  6. Navin Mohanani

    My birthday was on 17th Aug, I had transferred the amounts to paytm wallets, just got 2 percent charged and got 10 percent Zomato cash and I got the news on 19th Aug that from 20th Sept this offer is withdrawn. Hopefully i got all the Zomato cash of around 20K. Ans still using that 20K for ordering food on zomato.

  7. Deepak Nanda

    Can one get HDFC Infinia Credit Card against good amount in Savings Vank or FD with HDFC. If so, what’s minimum amount?


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