SBI SimplyClick Credit Card Detailed Review – 2023

By | May 9, 2023
88. SBI SimplyClick

The SBI SimplyClick credit card is an old workhorse from SBI Card. It’s an entry-level card with decent reward rates thanks to milestone benefits. However, given the introduction of the SBI Cashback card perception is there is no need for this card. However, the reality is slightly different. Read to find out why

SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

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Fees and Eligibility:

  • Joining fee and Annual fees of INR499 + GST. Annual fee reversal on spending INR100,000 in a year.                

Rewards and Benefits:

  • Joining Benefit:
    • INR500 Amazon gift card
  • Recurring Benefit:
    • Cleartrip e-voucher worth INR 2,000 on annual online spends of INR100,000.
    • Another, Cleartrip e-voucher worth INR 2,000 on annual online spending of a total of INR200,000
    • The caveat is the voucher is a one-time use voucher. I.e. If the order value is less than the amount of the voucher/coupon code, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will be lapsed and can’t be used for any subsequent transactions.
  • Reward Points:
    • 1 Reward point on every INR100 spent. 1 Reward point = 0.25 paisa (0.25% reward rate)
    • Accelerated Reward Points:
      • 10X Reward points (2.5% reward rate) on every 100 spent online with Apollo24X7/ BookMyShow / Cleartrip / Eazydiner/ Lenskart / Netmeds.
      • 5X Reward points (1.25% reward rate) on all other online
    • 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • No lounge access

Thoughts on SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

SBI SimplyClick offers 10x reward points i.e. 2.5% reward rate for a few merchants. They are Apollo24X7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Eazydiner, Lenskart  and Netmeds. The merchant list is not very exciting, to be honest.

However, this card also gives 5x points i.e 1.25% reward rate on all online spends. This is quite decent for an entry-level card. One thing that’s not very clear is where the utility and insurance spending is classified. From my interaction with SBI SimplyClick users, what I understand is insurance payments made directly on the insurance company’s website give you 5x. For utilities, payments made using a third-party platform such as Paytm gives you 5x. Nonetheless, one can always buy Amazon pay vouchers from various platforms, get 5x reward points and make utility and insurance payments.

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Another highlight of the SBI SimplyClick credit card is its milestone rewards and low fee waiver requirement. You get an INR 2000 Cleartrip voucher on spending 1lk and another INR 2000 Cleartrip voucher on spending a total of 2lk. This means that if you spend 2lk on utility and insurance, you will get the benefit of INR 6500 (2500 @ 1.25% reward rate and 4000 in form of ClearTrip vouchers), which is a 3.25% reward rate. Not bad.

Compare SBI SimplyClick Credit card with others

Obvious that the SBI SimplyClick credit card is compared to the SBI Cashback card. However, we need to compare the same with a few other cards too, such as Amex MRCC (Apply Now), ICICI Amazon and Axis Ace (Apply Now).

By changing the monthly spends in the below excel, you will find that the Amex MRCC credit card stands out as a wholesome package if your monthly spends are at 20k. Whether the spends are online or offline or even fuel spends, you easily get a 4% reward rate in the worst case. This is based on a reward point value of 40p. However, if you redeem reward points for Taj vouchers your reward rate increases by 50%, i.e. 4% reward rate improves to 6%. To apply for Amex MRCC click here

Between SBI SimplyClick and SBI Cashback (Apply Now) credit cards, there is not much difference between reward rates. This is assuming the same card is used for all spending.

I would say if you are not into airmiles/hotel loyalty; a combination of SBI Cashback/SBI SimplyClick along with Axis Ace and Amex MRCC will give you close to a 5% reward rate on nearly all spends.


As such, the SBI Simplyclick credit card is a very okayish credit card, especially when compared to the SBI Cashback credit card. However, what I came to know is that SBI has issued less than 1lk SBI Cashback cards since its launch. That is for every 100 cards that SBI issued, less than 5 SBI Cashback cards were issued. This is where SBI SimplyClick fits in. The reason is, if you use this card across all your payment needs, the reward rate of SBI SimplyClick is not very different from the SBI Cashback credit card. Go for SBI SimplyClick card only if you are not able to get your hand on SBI Cashback or Amex MRCC or Axis Ace.

However, if you have premium credit cards such as Axis Magnus (Apply Now), HDFC Infinia, HDFC Diners Black, Amex Plat Travel (Apply Now)  etc then you definitely don’t need SBI SimplyClick. In fact, you don’t even need SBI Cashback in that case.

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9 thoughts on “SBI SimplyClick Credit Card Detailed Review – 2023

  1. SB Bhai

    Behind all the false advantages it exists so many horrific fraudulent strategies that i’m experiencing since last 3 months. I bought a phone of Rs. 12,499 from flipkart with no cost emi. But every month its charging extra cost & I have to spent around Rs. 16,800 for it. Once i paid the emi myself manually & still my account was auto debited again, I asked for refund in help, they replied thats its not in their policies. The fraudsters of sbi credit card should be banned from the market…

  2. arun s

    how simply click and cashback cards give same rewards on amazon/flipkart spend as shown in the illustration?

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      Number is the same. Not value.
      5x rp on Simply click means 1.25%.
      Captured in the monetary value of points

  3. EN

    So when I buy a new health insurance online using simply save card, will I get 5X rewards points?

  4. Gaurav

    SimplyCLICK now devalued to 2% from 2.5% for 10X partners (by reducing value of reward points) instead of giving less RPs. 2000 RPs got you a ₹500 Amazon voucher, now 2500 RPs required


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