IndusInd Eazydiner Card Detailed Review – 2023

By | August 29, 2023
76. Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

IndusInd has recently launched a new IndusInd Eazydiner card. This card is targeted at frequent diners in large metro cities. Here is a detailed review and my thoughts on this credit card.

IndusInd EazyDiner Card

Indusind EazyDiner Credit Card

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Fees and Eligibility

  • Joining and annual fees of 1999+GST. No fee waiver.

Reward and Benefits

  • Joining Benefits
    • EazyDiner Prime membership. Renewed every year on fee payment. The membership fee costs ~2900 post taxes. You get the same at ~2500, thus saving 500.
    • 3x EazyPoints on the Eazydiner app. Prime membership gives you 2x points either way. This credit card gives you 1x extra.
    • 2000 bonus EazyPoints. This is something you get if you buy Prime membership either way. So nothing new here.
    • INR5000 Postcard Hotel stay voucher. Not worth in my opinion. As Postcard Hotels are typically priced upwards of 15k+ per night. So unless you have a stay coming up with them, this voucher won’t be of any use.
  • Recurring Benefits
    • Standard Reward rate: 4 reward points on every 100 spent. 1point = 20p (0.8% reward rate). No reward for fuel spends.
    • Accelerated Reward Rate: 10 reward points on dining, shopping and entertainment. 2% reward rate.
    • 25% OFF up to 1000 is applicable through IndusInd EazyDiner Card only on paying on the EazyDiner App via PayEazy. This is over and above any app discount that is available.
    • Reward points earned on spending will be available in the app and can be set off against the billed amount.
  • Other benefits
    • 2 domestic lounge access every quarter.
    • Two complimentary movie tickets worth INR 200 each every month on BMS. My understanding of this offer is it’s straight 200 off on the movie ticket twice a month. What it means is you may say select 1 ticket worth 250 and you will get 200 off.  (Please correct me if I am wrong here.)

Highlights of IndusInd Eazydiner card

IndusInd Eazydiner card has a few USPs worth highlighting

Complimentary drink for every diner at select restaurants

This is the biggest USP of the card, in my view. The reason is when you go out for food, you tend to order something to drink for sure and they (hard or soft) tend to be quite expensive, normally 250+. Therefore, in a group of 4, you have straight away saved close to 1000 on the bill. Though the website says complimentary alcoholic drinks, I am sure the restaurant will be more than happy to serve you a non-alcoholic drink in case you request.

Extra 25% off, up to INR1000

While this is a great offer and it has its advantages. However, strangely Eazydiner has 40% off up to 1000 on Axis cards offer ongoing. Thus in case you are an EazyPrime member, already you may end up saving more on the Axis Bank card than on the IndusInd Eazydiner card.

However, the highlight of this offer is that there is no capping. This means you can in all probability use this offer multiple times a day, every day of the month. The only catch is this offer is not applicable if consecutive transactions are made at the same restaurant within a gap of 120 minutes or less. That is banks are getting smart and learning how people game the system.😂

What I don’t like?

Eazypoints. The Eazypoints concept appears like a sham to me. A typical value of 1 Eazypoint is 20p and you earn 75 points with the IndusInd Eazydiner card. That is you earn points worth INR15 on spending say around 4-5k on dinner. Just too low. The only decent redemption option appears to be redemption for the Postcard hotel stay. Where you can get 1 night’s hotel stay for 20k points. Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that you should have used EazyDiner for restaurant booking at least 145 times a year. That is like almost every other day. This is also assuming that you would religiously put a review of every meal you had and thus get an additional 50 Eazypoint. Further, for redemption, you need to book a minimum of 2 nights. Boy, you just can’t have anything for free.😂.The fun doesn’t end there. In case you want to settle for mediocre options such as redeeming food vouchers. You can only do it once every 6 months.

So in summation, just don’t take these Eazypoints into calculations you do. They exist for reasons unknown to me.

My thoughts on IndusInd Eazydiner Card

This card can be handy for someone who tends to eat out regularly. By regularly, I mean at least twice a month.  Less than that, you will be better off taking an EazyPrime membership (by your own money) and using your existing credit card. Brief comparison below.

Article 76 Indusind Eazydiner Working

By paying for the membership, you end up spending only 500 extra. The annual fee for the card is ~2400 and if you were to buy an EazyPrime membership it will cost you ~2900. So only 500 extra. In addition, sticking to existing cards helps you in achieving those annual spending milestones and may end up getting many benefits.

Further, the way I think is, if I know that few occasions are lined in the next few months, I may take the Prime membership only for 1 month or 3 months and still get the above benefits on my existing credit card. Will be much easier than keeping an additional card in my pocket.

Having said that I think the USP of this card is free drinks for each diner at select restaurants. When you consider these savings you cannot beat this card.


IndusInd EazyDiner card is a good card for frequent diners and can save you decent money. Nevertheless, as said earlier, if you are among the people who eat outside only once a month, this card may not save you as much. If you end up eating more than twice then don’t think twice and apply for the card.  However, let’s hope that EazyPrime doesn’t go the Zomato Pro way. We all know how good Zomato Pro was during the initial days and what it has turned out now.

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What are your views on the IndusInd Eazydiner Card? Have you applied for it? What has been your experience with redemption?

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11 thoughts on “IndusInd Eazydiner Card Detailed Review – 2023

  1. SH

    Not particularly excited about this card. First off, I have access to DineOut Passport via HDFC Infinia, and that reduces costs significantly and second off, when I am dinning at Taj, I have Epicure vis Citi Prestige. Will I take a fee paying card just for dinning out? Nah.

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      This card is not suited for everyone. But then there is always a segment who dine out frequently. A segment of people who do pub-hopping every weekend. This is also the segment of people who will have higher avg spends as compared to others. Probably thats the segment bank wants to tap.

    2. harsh

      Lets say we go to a restuarant with 4 members and just order 1 sabji and few rotis/nans and bill si around 500. Will the hotel really give complimentary drink to all 4 members? Or will it be just 1 drink per visit in total?

      1. CreditCardz Post author

        Theoretically if the offer is there in the restaurant they are obliged.

        Practically, the kind of restaurants Eazydiner is enrolling in and the restaurants where 1 drink per guest offer is applicable combined with the customer segment they are targeting, the bill wont be 500 even for a sabji and few rotis. ☺️

  2. Ashutosh Agrawal

    U need a contact me section too . Awesome articles. Can you compare PNB Credit cards too, it has no mark up on foreign exchange rates.

    1. CreditCardz Post author

      Thanks Ashutosh. Will definitely put up a contact section.
      Will also include pnb cards comparative

      1. harsh

        Lets say we go to a restuarant with 4 members and just order 1 sabji and few rotis/nans and bill si around 500. Will the hotel really give complimentary drink to all 4 members? Or will it be just 1 drink per visit in total?

  3. harsh

    Hi techtrick – Great website. However, kindly see many times there are errors and website is down . Also, i have a query – The compliemntary drink is based on no of visitors or it is just 1 drink for 1 visit or lets say 4 complimentary drinks if there are 4 members in a single visit

  4. Aniket Bhagat

    Started reading your website today. Really well put. I am an avid Credit card user as well and reading your articles have opened up my eyes to some things I was missing out on.

  5. Sabya

    Few things you missed in this review, that could easily demonstrate how beneficial to get this card.

    1. Other Axis cards you mention require, atleast spending 2500 so that 25/40% discount is applied. With this, you do not have such restriction.
    2. You get Eazydiner prime membership renewed every year with this card, which is not the case with other Axis cards you mentioned. Only first year of the card membership is free with them.
    3. BMS offer is a great one. Some of us may have buy one get one offer from other cards. But here you get two tickets free. So. if you and your friend go to movies of ticket price approx. 200 just six times in a year, you can save 200 each time compared to other cards. In a year, you are saving 1200/- , i.e., half of the annual fee can be recovered easily.


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