Cool credit card hacks

By | August 30, 2023
Credit Card Hacks

In this post, I will list down a few cool credit card hacks that I have come across. These Cool credit card hacks include ways to extend your reward points’ validity, ways to upgrade to a premium credit card, maximise reward points and specific TnC of some cards.

Kindly bookmark this post as I will keep on updating this page for new cool credit card hacks as and when I come across them.

Cool credit card hacks

Cool Credit Card Hacks #1: Extend reward points’ validity on HDFC credit cards

HDFC credit cards have reward points validity typically of 2 years (3 years for a few cards). In case your rewards points are nearing expiry and you don’t want to redeem them now; simply get the card re-issued saying you lost the current credit card. A new card will be issued and all the existing reward points will be valid for at least 2 more years. The bank will charge 100+ GST for card issuance, but that’s just the convenience fees, right? 🙂

Cool Credit Card Hacks

The same is applicable when going for the card upgrade. Reward points on the old credit card are transferred to the upgraded credit card by some pre-defined criterion. At the same time, the validity of those points is extended by at least 2 years.

Cool Credit Card Hacks #2: Upgrading to Diners Black or Infinia

While the eligibility criteria for Diners Black and Infinia credit cards are beyond the reach of many. Nevertheless, if you have an HDFC credit card with 5 lakh or more credit limit, you may very well get the Diners Black. For Infinia, a credit limit of 8 lakh is required on any existing HDFC credit card.

One has to download the upgrade form from HDFC website and send it to their Chennai office or mail it to the customer care. They will typically reply in 3-5 days with their decision. I couriered the form to Chennai office, and they rejected it. Mailing the customer care worked for me. For many I know, the reversed worked. Therefore, it is a trial and error, but no harm in trying.

Cool Credit Card Hacks #3: Getting free Cibil report every month

There are two ways to get this. First, one is downloading the OneScore app. This app provides access to Cibil and Experian credit score.

Second is using the following link from HDFC Bank. One has to register here and agree that HDFC Bank will also have access to your credit report. For me, that’s not an issue as I own HDFC credit card and they anyways access to my credit report. By the way, this link works for non-HDFC Bank customers too.

Cool Credit Card Hacks#4: SBI Prime Card – 20x reward points are not just for birthday

SBI Prime credit card offers 20 reward points for every 100 spent on cardholder’s birthday. However, the fine print says that this offer is valid for 3 days (applicable on your birthday, a day before & after). That’s not all, there is no cap whatsoever. Thus, if one can time a large expense accordingly– one can easily earn 5% rewards on SBI Prime credit card.

Point to keep in mind #1: Ka-ching credit cards – Reward booking is not for all

Recently HDFC and Indigo were offering their Ka-Ching credit card as free for the first year. While the card is very good for frequent Indigo flyers. The fine print (Detailed T&C here) makes sure that people do not redeem 6E Rewards for their friends and family. The redemption of 6E Rewards against flight ticket is limited to the member, his or her spouse and up to 2 children under 18. Thus, one cannot even use the redemption option for their parents, siblings, adult children and/or in-laws.


In the interest of full disclosure, Credit Cardz may earn a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the links in this post. However, opinions and views expressed here are of the author's alone and not those of the bank, credit card issuer, or anyone else and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

Author: CreditCardz

Hi, I am an avid credit card user who loves minting reward points on credit cards. I try to put every possible expense on credit card to earn maximum reward points and want realize my dream to travel the world using just rewards points.

14 thoughts on “Cool credit card hacks

  1. Priyanka

    Loved your blog. Could you please give some tips on transferring excess amount lying on the credit card to bank account. Especially, during covid-19 times, many of us are facing this issue for big sums for instance airline refunding money to credit card. It would be great to know most effective method to have the money back into the bank account. Thank you !!

    1. Harshvardhan Agrawal Post author

      There are couple of ways of transferring funds from credit card to bank account. But all have charges associated with them, ~2% plus taxes.
      One is mobikwik wallet. one can load mobikwik wallet and then transfer the money into the bank account. They charge 2.36% in total.
      Similarly, Paytm wallet and Payzapp wallet have this facility. Not sure of the charges though.

      another way is to show rent payment to your family member. Example, you can show that you pay rent to your parents on a monthly basis. You get tax benefits too, in case you are salaried.
      Use RedGiraffe (0.4% charge), Nobroker (1% charge) etc to make rent payments. The charges are much lower than using wallet transfer.

      However, the most effective way, i believe is to swipe the card extensively wherever possible. Electricity bills, insurance payments, groceries purchase etc. thus using the refund without any additional costs.

  2. Santosh Kumar

    Hey harsh, quick question on the indigo credit card. I recently applied for it during the offer period. Any idea how can I get a status update on the same. I already hold a DCB.

  3. amit

    Hi Harsh,

    Kudos to article as always.

    I have a general query, as we know credit card company report to authorities if we spend 10L+ in a financial year.

    If i have 2 cards from the same bank so will they consider 10L spends on both the cards or individual card

    1. Harshvardhan Agrawal Post author

      Hey Amit,

      Its very difficult to tell how banks will act in this case. Since, this the first year where banks will report the data even I am curious how they report.
      I will give an example of how different banks report interest data in form26AS. Once form-15G/H is submitted to the banks, few banks will report the interest accumulated during the year even if it is less the threshold. Few will not report at all if it is below the threshold.
      Thus, my sense is even in the case of card spends, banks will have their own interpretations, atleast in the first year.


        Its per Pan card basis. So if u spent 3lac on MRCC, 4 lac on plat travel and 7lac on plat charge Amex will report 14lac on your PAN in the SFT column.

        1. amit

          Hi Sujit

          If I Spend 9L on my mrcc+travel cards and supplementary card holder spend 2L,amex will report this?

          1. SUJIT KUMAR HOTA

            Hi Amit

            Supplementary cards are actually your card. So any Spends on supplementary cards will be counted as your Spends.


  4. Aditya


    what is the customer care you contacted for the infinia upgrade? can you share the email id? I have DCB, looking for infinia upgrade. I have a limit of 11L+


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