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Axis Flipkart – ICICI Amazon – HDFC Millennia cards comparison

With the launch of HDFC Millennia credit cards, all the top banks have launched cards targeting youth aka millennials. The target segment here is the customer base who tends to shop a lot more online on website such as Flipkart, Amazon, MMT, GoIbibo etc.  Thus, this makes it an apt time to compare the three cards i.e. Axis Flipkart, ICICI Amazon and HDFC Millennia card.

Comparison of Axis Flipkart, ICICI Amazon and HDFC Millennia cards

Axis Flipkart - ICICI Amazon - HDFC Millennia Credit Cards Comparison

Axis Flipkart – ICICI Amazon – HDFC Millennia cards Comparison

So which card is the best?

I came up with a hypothetical chart with expenses spread out in various categories, to calculate which card gives maximum reward points. The results are as below:

Axis Flipkart HDFC Millennia ICICI Amazon spends comparison

Flipkart HDFC Millennia ICICI Amazon spends comparison


Despite the lots of terms and conditions in terms of minimum transaction size, max reward cap etc and the biggest drawback of reward point validity of just a year, HDFC Millennia Credit card is the best among the three cards with overall reward rate of 3.4%. Reason being 5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart and flight tickets on its Payzapp and SmartBuy platform; and 8 domestic lounge access. For more details on this card, do read my detailed review of HDFC Millennia credit card here.

Axis Flipkart card will be second thanks to 4% cashback offers on MMT and GoIbibo along with 4 domestic lounge access, with reward rate of 2.4%

However, making a choice between Axis Flipkart  and Amazon Pay is a tough task. As under hypothetical scenario it’s the flight expenses which is tilts the decision in favour of Axis Flipkart credit card. For someone who is not keen on flights and lounge access Amazon Pay card wins, as one can order nearly everything from Amazon and get 5% reward rate on those purchases.

Read about Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card, which is again targeted at millennials.


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